Paragon Customs LLC
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Paragon Customs is a full on custom paint, airbrushing, hot rod and chopper shop located in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Ryan Fielding is the owner/operator and has been customizing and chopping everything with an engine since he was born. Ryans grandfather Russell Fielding was born in Iowa in 1912. He was a professional biker who rode with Jimmy Lynch and his Death Dodgers in the 30's and 40's. There he performed a variety of motorcycle stunts and tricks. along with flat track racing to please crowds all over the midwest. After the stunt show Russell went on to build choppers, hot rods, paint, and fabricate in Iowa. His son Roger (Ryans father) picked up on the family traits and learned at an early age how to take a machine from the factory, and customize it into his vision of the machine he wanted. Growing up in the 50's hay-day of hot rodding, greaser culture, and hard riding bikers, Roger chopped and customized everything he could get his hands on. The passing of the torch continued as Ryan was born with a welder in one hand and a paint brush in the other. Ryan learned young, helping in his fathers garage, doing anything he could to learn more about customs. He helped his father with many custom projects, each one allowed him to learn new skills and techniques. Both Russell and Roger are accomplished artists both on paper and in steel, and these traits were not lost on Ryan either. Wild custom airbrushing, custom paint, metal work, and pinstriping is a staple of Paragon Customs business. Paragon Customs is located in a 12,500 square foot building in the Sauk industrial park. There they have a full size professional spray booth, body shop, welding and fabricating centers, and enough workspace for the lifts and the bikes waiting for there time to shine. Paragon Customs can fabricate almost anything as they have access to CNC mills, lathes, and a waterjet. One off custom parts for any make or model can be designed and manufactured in a timely manner. Paragon Customs will work on all models of motorcycles and trikes, customizing each one with the care and concern as if it was their own machine. When it comes to custom paint, Ryan will sit down with you and lay out the design elements of your dream machine. Together with your input and Ryan's artistic ability drawings will come to life until you have nailed down everything you want out of your paintjob. From full on custom bikes, hot rods, and wild paint, to subtle accessories Paragon Customs can put together a plan to make your machine everything you want it to be.

Ryan D. Fielding
Paragon Customs LLC

"2012 Small Business of the year"
"Sauk Prairie"




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